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DMF 2023

Dayton Music Fest is a celebration of Dayton's original and local live music artists and bands showcasing up and coming acts alongside classic reunions and special guests all with a tie to our scene over the years.

In it's 20th year, Dayton Music Fest 2024 will host Dozens of acts across multiple venues all in Downtown Dayton

We're actively accepting applications for bands and musicians to play DMF 2024



Doors open at 5pm each night.

Line up
Yellow Cab DMF.png

Friday, Oct 20th

BRLY 6:20-6:50

DR CYCLE 7:10-7:40

Life in Idle 8-8:30

New Old Fashioned 8:50-9:20

Moontemple 9:40-10:10

Seth Gilliam & The Fake News 10:30-11

Heather Redman & The Reputation 11:30-12:30

Bob's DMF.png

Friday, Oct 20th

Hosted by Cooley the Curator

NO Balance 8:15-8:45

Motel Faces 9:05-9:35

Marijuana Johnson 9:55-10:25

pseudonym with DJ Pluto 10:45-11:15

K Carter 12:00-on

Trolley DMF.png

Friday, Oct 20th

Tracy Perkins 7:20 - 7:50

Achilles Tenderloin 8:10-8:40

Michael Tomlinson 9:00-9:30

Novena 9:50-10:20

Nautical Theme 10:40-11:10

Harold Hensley 11:30-12:15



Doors open at 5pm each night.

Yellow Cab DMF.png

Saturday, Oct 21st

Turtle Island 6:20-6:50

They Need Machines To Fly? 7:10-7:40

Sam King + The Suspects 8-8:30

Nick Kizirnis & Kyleen Downes 8:50-9:20

Human Cannonball 9:40-10:10

Lung 10:30-11:15

Abertooth Lincoln 11:30-12:30

Bob's DMF.png

Saturday, Oct 21st

Turboslacker 8:15-8:45

Duke Of Owls 9:05-9:35

Us, Today 9:55-10:25

Dark Backward 10:45-11:15

Subterranean 12:00-on

Trolley DMF.png

Saturday, Oct 21st

Steve Zax 8:10-8:40

Mike Bankhead 9:00-9:30

David Berry 9:50-10:20

Denny Cottle 10:40-11:10

1984 Draft 11:30-12:15

The Venues


Blind Bob's, Trolley Stop, and The Yellow Cab Tavern are all located within a 2 block area in Downtown Dayton in or near The Oregon District, located near multiple entertainment districts, restaurants, hotels, and nightlife. In addition to the venue's attached parking lots, there are tons of free street side parking spots or pay lots very close by.

327195362_5362310500540886_4611533378649258516_n (1).jpg
The Yellow Cab Tavern

700 East 4th Street

Dayton, Ohio 45402

Kitchen closes at 11pm

Blind Bob's

430 E 5th Street

Dayton, OH 45402

Kitchen closes at 11pm

Trolley Stop

530 E 5th Street

Dayton, OH 45402

Kitchen closes at 11pm


We'd love to hear from you with any questions about Dayton Music Fest 2023.

Produced by
Level Up Productions

Level Up Productions is an event production company focused on building the live music and event scene in Dayton, OH.

Check out,,, and to learn about everything we're working on.

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